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Virtual Productions is a state-of-the-art design and creative services firm built upon a strong foundation of traditional professional skills. Having grown from a commercial photography studio, the heart of the service package is image creation. Clients benefit from an efficient mix of the most current versions of digital photography, scanning, and image processing software along with a solid understanding of the essentials of photography.

From special projects for corporate marketing departments or their agencies to complete identity programs working directly with entrepreneurs and small companies, Virtual Productions has contributed to the success of organizations in many industrial categories. Category specialties based on several client assignments include industrial and high-tech work, outdoor and recreation subjects, and fine art and education materials.

With both the experience to assist in pre-design thinking to ensure that a project will function as planned and a thorough understanding of modern, digital pre-press techniques as well as web site design, Virtual Productions is able to work efficiently with each client to be certain that all materials are created and prepared to produce the desired message and impact.

Flow Control/Krohne Magazine Cover
Cell Press 20th

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